Saturday, February 27, 2010

Desperately Seeking Energy.

Weekends can be frustrating, sometimes. It seems I always make a mental list of what I want to do , but just end up mad at myself by the end of the weekend for not accomplishing them. I'm so tired during the week that these odd-jobs must be pushed to the weekend, but I'm plagued with catching up with sleep and wanting to recover from the work week on Saturday and Sunday that this vicious cycle of unproductivity is created. If someone has a good idea on how to get house things done, I'm all ears.

I mean, we still have boxes that remain unpacked from our January move. I've got pictures leaned up against walls because we haven't hung them yet. And my closet....well, my closet is probably going to be the death of my marriage. Hangers are currently a foreign concept. And, I dare to admit, that sometimes the pile of clothes on the closet floor must pass the smell test to see if they are clean or not. Maybe its time to invest in a housekeeper. Do you know any free ones??

Austin is going to be out of town next weekend, so perhaps that is my opportunity to show that I can be a decent weekend housewife. He would probably go into shock if he walked into the house and everything was in its' proper place. If nothing else, one weekend of being good would probably buy me enough brownie points for another couple months of slacking off.

Maybe I need energy pills. Maybe I have some sort of energy deficiency. Maybe God really meant that day 6 and 7 should both be days of rest.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Green on Hump Day

Quote of the day: When arriving home, my husband's reaction to my outfit - "Ya know, green just isn't your color." Got to love his honesty.

It was one of those days where you have a pile of work to do, but 8 hours later - its still there. I know I worked today, but somehow didn't manage to be productive - or at least productive in the right areas. These four day work weeks are great, but sometimes I would just rather work to make sure it all gets done. Pathetic, eh?

In other news - I'm officially joining the 21st century. Yes, I'm putting away my 1985-style phone (texting is about as high-tech as this gadget gets) and upgrading to my generation's hand-held drug of iphone. I know I'll be addicted. I know Austin will never make eye contact with me again. I know my fingers will be sore from downloading apps. Dear sweet Jesus, I just can't wait.

I'm not going to lie - I love the social media gravy train. I made not be exceptionally good at it and I'm definitely not up on the newest cutting-edge tools. But I've got my blog, Facebook, twitter ( follow me @aprilpantall), Linkedin account, and even that ancient of ancients Myspace. It's all just a ploy to feel relevant :) If I had money to burn and time to spare, I'd even go after that Master's in Social Media. Yep, not can read about it here:

Maybe even a Ph.D. in tweeting.

Until tomorrow, live in love.

Monday, February 15, 2010

All you need is love :)

I've decided not to pursue sewing as anything more than a hobby. So, I'm rededicating my blog to my general ramblings :) "Sew in Love" can represent many other things than my love of sewing pieces of fabric together - it reflects the idea of reaping what you sow. So sowing love - whether in my marriage, friendships, or community -- will be my pursuit.

I'm currently enjoying the last hours of a wonderful three-day weekend. Our favorite house guest, Mr. Steve Golden, came down and spent Valentine's day with us. Steve recently visited Haiti and was in the country when the earthquake occurred - so we had the opportunity to hear about the things he experienced. Steve is currently waiting to go back to Haiti this spring to hopefully continue efforts at the orphanage he was serving at the time of the earthquake. The orphanage is supported by U.S. churches and housed 80 children of all ages before the earthquake. It's currently unclear how many they will end up supporting in this aftermath. There have been estimates of over 1 million orphans now in Haiti.

While Steve was down, Austin bought another Jamie Oliver cook book--so the boys made a wonderful Indian curry dish for our Valentine's Day dinner together. The boys always cook up a storm when they are together. (My most memorable meals was the dish they made for my 22nd birthday - amazing rice pilaf. Who knew?) Let's just say we like to eat when we are together :)

Austin also got me a Kurt Vonnegut biography for Valentine's day. Vonnegut is one of my favorite people. If I had a dinner party with anyone from the past or present - I think it would include Vonnegut, Tina Fey, Joseph Smith, Andrew Jackson, Paul McCartney, and William Shatner :) I digress....

Overall, it was a great Valentine's day weekend. I plan on spending the rest with furry love of my life for the rest of the night while Austin has class.

All you need is love :)