Sunday, May 2, 2010

May is my Month!

Forget the holiday season, New Years, or even my birthday month. I live for May. Everything good in the world happens in this month. It's the warm weather, the long daylight hours, the kids playing outside, the start of wedding season, the graduations, the vacations, and- most important - the wedding anniversary! I'm trying to savor every last drop of it!!

I'm starting May out right by diving into a vibrant sewing project. I love the fabrics - so fun and new -- and the pattern is one of my favorites:
If everyone would stop having babies around me, perhaps I could post it on etsy (but seriously...somethings in the water here and everyone is having little ones). Speaking of babies - we get the baby question a lot. I guess being married for almost two years, people think it should be #1 on your priority list. But never, never have I gotten the question from my grandpa. But he finally said it today --- "Ya'll need to stop running around, settle down, and give me a great-grand baby." It's hard to argue with that....but I want a house first!!

So, I plan on spending the next 12 months trying to get this guy to commit to a house:
Wish me luck! He seems to get cold-feet about house shopping :)

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