Saturday, February 27, 2010

Desperately Seeking Energy.

Weekends can be frustrating, sometimes. It seems I always make a mental list of what I want to do , but just end up mad at myself by the end of the weekend for not accomplishing them. I'm so tired during the week that these odd-jobs must be pushed to the weekend, but I'm plagued with catching up with sleep and wanting to recover from the work week on Saturday and Sunday that this vicious cycle of unproductivity is created. If someone has a good idea on how to get house things done, I'm all ears.

I mean, we still have boxes that remain unpacked from our January move. I've got pictures leaned up against walls because we haven't hung them yet. And my closet....well, my closet is probably going to be the death of my marriage. Hangers are currently a foreign concept. And, I dare to admit, that sometimes the pile of clothes on the closet floor must pass the smell test to see if they are clean or not. Maybe its time to invest in a housekeeper. Do you know any free ones??

Austin is going to be out of town next weekend, so perhaps that is my opportunity to show that I can be a decent weekend housewife. He would probably go into shock if he walked into the house and everything was in its' proper place. If nothing else, one weekend of being good would probably buy me enough brownie points for another couple months of slacking off.

Maybe I need energy pills. Maybe I have some sort of energy deficiency. Maybe God really meant that day 6 and 7 should both be days of rest.

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