Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Beginning

Hello World!

I'm excited to start a new blog for all of my sewing. Here's just a little info about me:

I started sewing last year by learning from my Grandpa, who learned from his mothers and sisters when he was younger. Since my first queen size quilt, I've been obsessed. After sewing a few baby-sized quilts for co-workers and friends, I found that sewing truley is my passion. My husband has been super supportive of my hobby, so I've been blessed that way :)

I wanted a way to share my work with others and to learn from more experienced quilters - so I'm setting up shop for my quilts. We are:

I'm busily getting ready for the opening of my etsy shop:

...which will have its grand opening on October 1st, 2009 (save the date!).

I ordered business cards yesterday...patiently awaiting their arrival. They match my obsession with zebra print:

I'm working on three girls' quilts with zebra print right now -- they look so sassy! Pics soon!
I'm excited to share what I'm working on, meet quilters, get advice, and sew sew sew!
-Sew in Love

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  1. Welcome to blog land! Anxious to see your works - I love to see young people get involved and how cool your grandpa taught you.