Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sassy Girl

I love making quilts for what I imagine would be sassy little girls. Not sassy in a moms-worst-nightmare kind of way, but little girls with attitude. I can just picture how any future daughter of mine is going to think she "rules the roost" - and she probably will have me & Austin wrapped around her little finger! I'm working on an a quilt that reminds me of a mix between punk & princess. Here's a few blocks I've got done. It may turn out to be a little busy:

Definitely just the beginning! We'll see if it turns out okay - hopefully it should be done by Sunday night - check back for pics!
One thing I'm so jealous of on other quilting blogs is the wonderful quality of their pictures. It's one thing to make a pretty quilt, but that has to be portrayed in pictures so viewers can get a true idea of its quality. My pics seem to be lacking in that area -- does anyone have suggestions for a type of camera to get professional quality shots?? (and something that won't break the bank??)

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