Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting Organized

This weekend is going to be all about cleaning....aren't those the best weekends?

Since moving into our new place, we've been pretty good about getting everything settled. However, there's that one extra bedroom that has somehow been transformed into a "man cave". We're talking video equipment, sound equipment, and other electronic toys (not to mention a certain boy's laundry). I'm hoping we can fix it up into a nice office .....multi-use room....or even sewing room! This one would do......

I would love to use a place other than our kitchen table as my sewing area. Just in case the sewing room falls through, any other suggestions on how to keep your fabrics & supplies organized?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I love that shelf!! It is such a great organization idea! Post some pictures of how it looks now!

  2. For fat quarter sized fabrics, I‘ve been using those cardboard photo boxes (shoebox size). They’re easy to move around. Some people like big plastic tubs, but they must get heavy.

  3. You get an entire kitchen table! I can beat that. I have everything stored in my front hall closet (I only get 1/2 of it!) and have to use our coffee table in the living room, and sit on my son's "potty" stool!

  4. What a great sewing room...I'd so love to have one like that!!! I know how you feel about the kitchen table sewing, for so many years that was my place!